The Goldstone Review

by Cheng Dalipine, Librarian (Grade 7)

I have been involved in the library club since it started two months ago. Since then, the library has completely changed. There are tons of new books which have been donated from people outside of the country. The books are well-organized and put in different categories which make them easier for students to find. As a result, I can see that the number of students that come to borrow books is increasing. I help to clean and organize the library. I love volunteering because it allows me to be productive during my free period. This volunteering work has helped me a lot because it has brought me closer to books. Since I have become a librarian, I have started to read English books. Now, I love to read! READ MORE

Goldstone loses basketball tournament, wins self respect

It was mid-March, the hectic few weeks before the first semester exams at Goldstone. Everyone at the school was anxious and stressed, their days and nights filled with studying and memorization in hopes of getting a good score. However, 9 boys at the school were more anxious than usual. It was mere days until the regional boys� basketball tournament, and the team�s star player, Sakada Chhut, had fallen seriously ill. READ MORE

Students chosen for leadership program

Wow! Congratulations are in order for two very special Goldstone students today. We are so proud to congratulate Thimoro Cheng and Ratanachan Rath who were selected to participate in the 2014 South East Asia Youth Leadership Program in the United States! Both students and educators across the city were invited by the US Embassy to apply for the chance to attend the leadership program. However, only five were chosen to participate in the three week conference to be held this April. Now that is some tough competition! We are so proud of our students. Keep striving for achievement Thimoro and Ratanachan. You are doing an amazing job!

High School Girls Volleyball wins the Phnom Penh High School Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to the High School Girls Volleyball team for winning the Phnom Penh High School Vollyball Tournament. They won 3 sets to 1 in the championship game.

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