Thimoro Selected for Research Rookies Program at NIU

Thimoro, our Goldstone graduate who is now a student of Northern Illinois University, was selected for the Research Rookies program at NIU. Research Rookies links undergraduate students with faculty mentors in their major or area of interest to conduct a small-scale research project. Through this program, students will learn what professional research looks like, how to write a formal research proposal, gain experience working alongside with faculty and they will have an opportunity to present their work at the annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day. As a Research Rookie of the 2015-2016 cohort, he is expected to spend 5-10 hours per week for one academic year working on his project. Faculties and peer mentors will guide him through the process and they will make sure to provide him with everything he needs to be a successful Research Rookie. In the next few weeks he will be having his first appointment with a faculty who he will be working closely with and his first assignment will be to write a research proposal.Thimoro is also in NIU's Honors Program and is taking Honors Biology this semester. In addition to this class, he will have small discussion sessions with his cohort where the focus is genetics and evolution. Everyone at Goldstone is proud of all that he has accomplished in only one semester of college. We are so excited to see what else our graduates accomplish!


Leakena Chem and Somara Chea have an adventure ahead of them. The two Goldstone alumni, who have never traveled outside of Asia, will be traveling to the U.S this summer to begin their freshman year at an American university. Their journey has been an exciting one, with more than a few bumps along the way. In April, Leakhena and Somara were accepted to Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts on two full-ride scholarships. They were overjoyed and could barely contain their excitement. Their families laughed, cried and celebrated the unbelievable news. READ MORE

Students chosen for leadership program

Wow! Congratulations are in order for two very special Goldstone students today. We are so proud to congratulate Thimoro Cheng and Ratanachan Rath who were selected to participate in the 2014 South East Asia Youth Leadership Program in the United States! Both students and educators across the city were invited by the US Embassy to apply for the chance to attend the leadership program. However, only five were chosen to participate in the three week conference to be held this April. Now that is some tough competition! We are so proud of our students. Keep striving for achievement Thimoro and Ratanachan. You are doing an amazing job!

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